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Historic Center of Cosenza

At 15 minutes from the B & B, Cosenza offers one of the most particular historical centers of the south.

The history of the city of Cosenza is lost in the mists of time. The first historical information on Cosenza refers to the fourth century. B.C. when the Bruzi chose it as their capital. In 410 AD, perhaps due to malaria, he found the death of Alaric, king of the Visigoths, veteran of the sack of Rome. The legend wants him buried, with his rich booty of war, under the river bed of the Busento, diverted for the occasion. With the domination of the Normans, starting from 1044, Cosenza lived a moment of peace and prosperity. The new century saw the presence among the Cosentini of the young emperor Frederick II who is believed to have assisted in the consecration of the Cathedral and ordered the reconstruction of the castle. Federico II of Swabia considered Cosenza his favorite location after Palermo and Naples.

With the Renaissance opened a golden age for Cosenza, which saw in this period the birth and splendor, especially for the large number of characters that bring you luster, first of all the philosopher Bernardino Telesio, but also the humanist Aulo Giano Parrasio who founded the Cosentina Academy, then Coriolano and Bernardino Martirano, and numerous other characters of the highest order who earned it the title of “Athens of Calabria”.

Cosenza has a long history behind it. Many narrow and winding streets of which the historical center is constituted, like Vico Padolisi; Corso Telesio is the most evocative course that in the past was the path of merchants and goldsmiths; Via Giostra Vecchia encloses the most renaissance soul of the city. Do not forget also Piazza Parrasio and Piazza XV Marzo and various historical buildings, such as Palazzo Arnone, Palazzo Campagna, Villa Rendano and Villa Salfi. The historic center of Cosenza is also enriched by a series of churches, among which stands the ancient Cathedral whose origins date back to around 1100.

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